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headshot of Martin Larocca

Martin Larocca

Sustainability Coordinator

Office of Sustainability


As the resource recovery manager for Binghamton University, Martin Larocca has worked to advance Physical Facilities’ recycling tracking and efficiency to reduce campus-generated waste. His approach includes a sustainable mindset toward handling materials on and off campus, performing daily rolling audits, establishing positive feedback loops for recycling and its costs, and educational outreach to the campus community. He is a member of the Campus Sustainability Committee, the Sustainable Communities Transdisciplinary Area of Excellence (TAE) steering committee, and chair of the Physical Facilities Grant Team. He is a guest lecturer for the Environmental Studies program, focusing on campus recycling, establishing metrics necessary for advancing sustainability programs and social changes needed to further environmentally sustainable mindsets at Binghamton University. He received a BS in Environmental Studies: Ecosystems and a master’s degree in public administration with a certificate in Local Government Management from Binghamton University.


  • BS, MPA, Binghamton University