Vision, Mission, Values

At Binghamton, our definition of excellence is constantly evolving.

Our Vision

Binghamton as an institution is dedicated to higher education, one that combines an international reputation for graduate education, research, scholarship and creative endeavor with the best undergraduate programs available at any public university.

Our Mission

Binghamton University is committed to collaborative transdisciplinary research, inspirational artistic endeavors and high-impact educational experiences within an environment that advances diversity, equity and inclusion; international perspectives; and community engagement.

Our Values

Our campus values are described through three words — Unity, Identity and Excellence.


We are an inclusive community made up of people from diverse backgrounds who come together to learn, discover and serve. We have developed a common bond — the Binghamton bond — that will be ours for a lifetime.


We are an academically selective community that shares ideas across departments, disciplines and borders. We encourage faculty, students and staff to ask unexpected questions, foster open dialog and develop innovative solutions to important problems.


We cannot be all things to all people. However, we pursue our goals with determination, striving for intellectual and personal growth, especially in the face of adversity.