Report a Concern

Need to report something?

Binghamton University's number one priority is to support a healthy and safe community. and we encourage students, faculty, staff and visitors to report any concerns related to accessibility, discrimination, harassment, sexual misconduct and criminal activity, so that they can be addressed quickly and appropriately.

The links below will help you report a variety of concerns. If you wish to report a concern not listed below, contact [should we send them to the Dean of Students, Ombudsman?]. 

If this is an emergency, contact the New York State University Police at Binghamton immediately at 911 (from a campus landline) or 607-777-2222 (from a cell phone or off campus).

Binghamton University does not discriminate and prohibits harassment or discrimination related to any protected category including creed, ethnicity, citizenship, sexual orientation, national origin, sex, gender, pregnancy, disability, marital status, political or social affiliation, age, race, color, veteran status, military status, religion, sexual orientation, domestic violence status, genetic information, gender identity, gender expression or perceived gender.