Undergraduate students who participate in research report satisfaction in contributing to the greater good, enhanced self-confidence and the development of analytical and communication skills. Conducting research as an undergraduate looks amazing on any résumé, and is a unique opportunity that only some students are lucky enough to have.

At Binghamton University, undergraduate students work alongside our nationally known faculty experts, enhancing their classroom experiences with hands-on research. The Undergraduate Research Center advises students on how to create a plan to gain hands-on experience in fields that they are studying, andsupports and mentors students in writing about and presenting their work.And research opportunities are not limited to just the hard sciences. Binghamton students are writers, historians, scientists, artists, social activists and engineers.

Research opportunities at Binghamton include:

  • The Summer Scholars and Artists Fellowship, which offers financial awards to students conducting special research, scholarship or creative activities during the summer. With guidance from faculty and mentors, students have written novels, studied the brain, created documentaries and explored architecture.
  • The Freshman Research Immersion (FRI) program is the only one of its kind in the northeast and just one of four in the country. FRI provides students with an authentic research experience in the sciences and engineering, preparing them for graduate school or a career.
  • The Source Project offers incoming freshmen the opportunity to discover sources relating to human rights or sustainable communities, and from them, gain new knowledge about the world that we inhabit.

Use Binghamton's Scholarship and Other Award Resources (SOAR) online database to search forfunding opportunities.

Additional funding sources for your research