Brightspace Learning Management System

About Brightspace by D2L

More than just an LMS, Brightspace combines all the tools and support needed to offer a great teaching and learning experience for students and instructors.

Intuitive, modern, mobile-friendly

The intuitive design makes it easy for all users to accomplish tasks quickly in the LMS, leaving more time to focus on what really matters: teaching and learning.

Key features include:

  • An intuitive interface that makes it easy for instructors to design courses, create content and grade assignments.
  • A design that works on all devices and is paired with purpose-built native apps that create an awesome mobile experience for both instructors and students.
  • A mobile-friendly LMS that provides a modern way to learn, with no need to pinch-and-zoom or scroll to view content on mobile devices.

A screenshot of the Brightspace software on a variety of devices

Reliable and accessible

  • Easy course creation by dragging and dropping from your desktop into the LMS.
  • An international award-winning LMS for accessibility.
  • An automated accessibility checker that makes compliance confirmation easy.
  • Course templates that make it easy for instructors to create new and engaging content.
  • 99.9% uptime with no downtime or maintenance

A screenshot of the Brightspace software on a laptop

Tools to create engaging courses

  • The ability to add annotations, inline audio, video and other media from content repositories or external sites directly into course content.
  • Commonly used tools like Zoom, Panopto and Turnitin are integrated into the platform.

A screenshot of the Brightspace software on a laptop

Built-in analytics

Intuitive learning analytics reports help you understand performance for departments, courses or individuals so you can make better decisions. Access to your learner data lets you conduct your own research and analysis as well.

  • A Class Progress dashboard allows instructors to quickly compare each learner’s performance in the course.
  • Student-level reports and detailed grade statistics allow for granular analysis of learner performance to help them improve.

A screenshot of the Brightspace software on a laptop

Brightspace 24/7 Technical Support

The first place to start if you need help with Brightspace 24/7 Technical Support via phone, chat, or email. 24/7 Support is available to all faculty, staff, and students.

You can connect with Brightspace using the Help link on the navigation bar of the Brightspace home page.