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  • Why are the students’ addresses in an email sent to multiple recipients located in the Bcc: field?

    To protect the privacy of all recipients. If an email is addressed to one student, the address is then in the To: field.

  • Are course announcements sent as emails by default?

    Email and text message notification preferneces are set by the user. By default, receiving emails when there is a new announcement is turned on. However, users may alter their notification settings to meet their individual prferences. 

    We recommend that instructors tell students to change their notification settings so they receive email when an announcement is created/updated.

    Here are instructions you can send your students:

    • Click your name at the top right.
    • Select Notifications.
    • Scroll down and check the checkboxes for the two Announcement options.
    • Click Save.

Brightspace 24/7 Technical Support

The first place to start if you need help with Brightspace 24/7 Technical Support via phone, chat, or email. 24/7 Support is available to all faculty, staff, and students.

You can connect with Brightspace Help using this link.