LMS Support

Brightspace Login

Faculty, staff*, and students CAS Brightspace login

Guest Brightspace Login

*Staff accounts are not added automatically to Brightspace. A Brightspace Assistance help desk request must be made to have a staff account added to Brightspace. 

Desire2Learn’s Brightspace Help Desk

We kindly ask that your first point of contact for questions and technical support about Brightspace be Brightspace's 24/7 Technical Support. We currently license this technical support to help support our campus community. A listing of ways to get help with Brightspace can be found in this Knowledge Base article  along with a link to Brightspace's 24/7 Technical Support.    

Binghamton University’s ITS Help Desk Knowledge Base

Browse our Knowledge Base of commonly asked Brightspace questions. 

If you don’t find what you are looking for there we recommend reaching out to D2L’s Help Desk first and they will escalate your question to Binghamton’s Help Desk when needed. 

Escalation to Binghamton’s ITS Help Desk happens for the following reasons. Please feel free to bypass Brightspace Support and use one of these forms to contact Binghamton’s Help Desk for Brightspace Assistance with: 

  • course merges
  • sandbox and organization requests
  • staff and guest account creation requests
  • guest account requests
  • incorrect enrollments
  • incorrect email address or name
  • campus-supported third-party tools such as Turnitin, Panopto, Zoom, Gradescope, iClicker etc…
  • requests to have third-party educational tools integrated with Brightspace
  • Incorrect course information or missing courses

Third-Party Tool Support

There are several third-party tools integrated with the LMS. Some of these tools are licensed and supported by Binghamton. Other tools are not licensed by us and support for those tools should be directed to that vendor. 

Licensed Tools:

  •  Gradescope
  •  Turnitin
  •  ExamSoft
  •  Google
  •  Office 365
  •  iClicker
  •  Sensus Access

For assistance with any of the above tools can be found by filling out this Brightspace Assistance Request form found within Binghamton’s ITS Help Desk.