Brightspace Learning Management System

Brightspace open office hours Wednesday and Friday throughout the summer

Do you have a specific question about Brightspace? Join staff members from Information Technology Services, the University Center for Training and Development and the Center for Learning and Teaching for open Brightspace office hours at 1 - 1:30 p.m. every Wednesday or  10 - 11:30 a.m. every Friday throughout the summer.

Feel free to ask questions, hash out ideas or share new innovations with the Brightspace team! 

Note: These office hours are not meant to substitute for regularly scheduled Brightspace training sessions.

Join the office hours at

Questions? Contact Aaron Phelps.

Learning Management System (LMS) Transition

Binghamton University is transitioning from myCourses (Blackboard) to a new Learning Management System (LMS), Brightspace by Desire2Learn (D2L). This decision was made in collaboration with faculty and students over a two-year period. 

Visit the Brightspace announcements page for regular updates and information on how to prepare for your transition to Brightspace and visit the LMS Pilot page for more information on the decision-making process.

We understand that this is another change in uncertain times. However, this is one change that will provide you with greater flexibility in dealing with today’s digital learning challenges. Brightspace is cloud-based, mobile optimized and designed for collaboration, providing an improved learning experience for students and instructors alike with its intuitive, responsive user interface.

All courses will be taught in Brightspace beginning with the fall 2021 semester. We are hopeful that instructors will take advantage of the variety of training opportunities available when preparing their fall 2021 courses.

Instructors may choose to use Brightspace for their 2021 summer session courses by completing the Brightspace Summer 2021 form.

When instructors wish to use past content from Blackboard, courses are simple to migrate with only a few required adjustments. See "How can I move myCourses (Blackboard) content into my Brightspace course?" on the FAQs page

Accessing Brightspace

Visit to, click on myCourses, select Brightspace., click myCourses, click Brightspace