Timeline For Process

November 2018

  • Binghamton team attends MSCHE Self-Study Institute

  • Provost Senior Staff meets several times to discuss approach to Self-Study with input from Self-Study Institute attendees

  • Discussions among members of the Senior Officers Group (SOG)

  • President and Provost agree on approach for creating Self-Study Design

December 2018

  • Provost invites members of the faculty, administration, and staff to serve as Co-Chairs of Working Groups
  • Acceptances of invitations
  • Provost appoints Associate Director of Accreditation Planning

January 2019

  • Co-Chairs propose names of faculty and staff members for invitations to Working Groups
  • Associate Director of Accreditation Planning begins outlines for Self-Study Design discussions

February 2019

  • First meeting of Steering Committee

  • Steering Committee develops preliminary areas of inquiry for Working Groups

  • Invitations for Self-Study Preparation Visit sent to members of the Binghamton University Council

  • Draft of Self-Study Design discussed by Steering Committee

  • Provost invites faculty and staff members to join Working Groups

March 2019

  • Preliminary draft of Self-Study Design completed and presented to Provost and President
  • Draft of Self-Study Design finalized

April 2019

  • Self-Study Design presented to Faculty Senate Executive Committee and Professional Staff Senate
  • Self-Study Design is submitted to Middle States liaison Vice President Fogarty
  • Steering Committee provides guidelines to Working Groups
  • Working Groups develop questions and approach to meeting the criteria of assigned Standard
  • Binghamton hosts Middle States liaison Vice President Fogarty for Self- Study Preparation Visit

May 2019

  • Self-Study Design revisions are submitted to Middle States liaison Vice President Fogarty

  • Middle States approval of Self-Study Design

  • Working Groups report to Co-Chairs and suggest areas of focus for Self-Study Report chapters

  • Steering Committee provides feedback to Working Groups

  • Binghamton Self-Study website launched

  • Working Groups begin to develop outlines of chapters

June – August 2019

  • Steering Committee provides feedback to Working Groups on outlines
  • Working Groups begin drafts for designated chapters

September 2019

  • Steering Committee reviews outlines and drafts for designated chapters and provides feedback
  • Middle States Evaluation Team Chair Selected

December 2019

  • Working Groups complete chapter drafts

January 2020

  • Working Groups submit drafts of designated chapters to Steering Committee

February 2020

  • Steering Committee suggests revisions to drafts
  • Steering Committee develops executive summary, introduction, and conclusion for Self-Study Report
  • Working Groups revise and complete drafts

March 2020

  • Working Groups submit completed chapters to Steering Committee
  • Steering Committee approves Self-Study Report
  • Self-Study Report shared with President and campus community

April 2020

  • Campus forums and feedback
  • Middle States Evaluation Team Chair Visits Campus

May 2020

  • Steering Committee completes final revisions of self-study
  • Steering committee shares final Self-Study Report with the President for transmittal to Middle States