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We are a great value — whether you're talking about cost of tuition, return on investment, graduating with low debt or the success of our alumni.

As a public institution, Binghamton provides students with a rigorous education and the ability to graduate with less debt than the national average, allowing them to more easily begin a career or attend graduate school after earning their bachelor's degrees.

#15 BEST VALUE in the Nation
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Cost of Attendance

Annual budget (2019-2020)
New York State Resident Out-of-State Resident International Resident
Tuition $7,070* $24,660 $24,660
Fees $3,131 $3,131 $5,218***
Housing and meals $16,068** $16,068
Cost of Attendance $26,269 $43,859 $45,700

As of Aug. 2019, subject to change
*Reflects tuition rate for non-Excelsior recipients
**Reflects housing plan standard double and average meal plan
***International students: Fees do not include the SEVIS fee. For a complete breakdown of student fees, visit the tuition and fees charts on the Student Accounts website.