Why is Binghamton University a premier public university?

We have an academic culture that is rigorous, collaborative and boldly innovative. Our campus exemplifies the best kind of public university experience: richly diverse students, an active social life and deep engagement within the community. Each of our students, like you, brings a particular vision and set of talents to create a unique perspective. They’re explorers and innovators; they’re eager for a challenge and willing to roll up their sleeves.

Binghamton by the Numbers

Students in circle
  • 14,000+ Undergraduates
  • 3,300+ Transfer students
  • 3,900 Graduates
  • 93-98 / 3.7-3.9 Mid-50% GPA
  • 3.3-3.8 Mid-50% Transfer GPA
  • 85 Average TOEFL
  • 6.3 Average IELTS
  • 92% First-year retention rate (national average among public 62%)
  • 90% Transfer retention rate

Six Great Schools, One University

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A Degree with Value!

We are a great value — whether you're talking about cost of tuition, return on investment, graduating with low debt or the success of our alumni.

value N.Y. public
U.S. News & World Report, 2023
Best value public schools
Princeton Review, 2022
Tuition (New York state residents)(Non-resident)
Total Annual Cost of Attendance

Significant Merit Scholarships Offered

High-performing Applicants are Automatically Considered for Merit-based Scholarships

Our scholarship process is easy: All Binghamton applicants are considered!

Binghamton has the best 4-year graduation rate (73%) among SUNY schools. Our rate also surpasses the national average for publics by 34 points. Binghamton's 4-year graduation rate (73%) is 34 points higher than the national average for publics. That translates to savings! By graduating in 4 instead of 5 years, you’ll save at least $30,000!

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Our Faculty

Top scholars in their subjects with 93% holding the highest degree offered in their field, Binghamton's faculty includes more than 60 distinguished professors and published experts in everything from Medieval literature and schizophrenia to digital forensics and evolutionary biology.

Life at Binghamton

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