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Ensure Your Application is Complete

Use the undergraduate application status checker  to see if there are any additional items you need to provide to complete your application.

After your application is received, you will receive a Reference Number and User ID by email. Once you receive these, activate your password. You must do this before you can log in to the status checker.

The Admissions Committee reviews only completed applications. Should questions arise about your application, we'll communicate with you via the email address provided on your application. If you need to correct or update your email address, email us at and be sure to provide your name, your old email address and your new email address.

Official Admissions decisions

You may be notified of our official admission decision via U.S. mail, email or online. Our admissions decisions reflect a thorough review of all applications. Binghamton University doesn't have an admissions appeals process; all decisions are final.

COVID-19 vaccine requirement

The State University of New York requires that all Binghamton University students who access any campus facilities in person be fully vaccinated with a World Health Organization-approved COVID-19 vaccine, with limited exceptions. You are considered fully vaccinated for COVID-19 if it's been more than two weeks after completing a full COVID-19 vaccination series (i.e. both doses of a two dose series). 

Note: Students in certain programs at Binghamton must complete specific academic experiences (such as clinicals) as part of the degree requirements. At this time, and for the foreseeable future, many of these off-campus assignments require full vaccination for COVID. Sites may have varying requirements; religious exemptions may not be available and the site may have very narrow guidelines for medical exemptions. Any religious exemption granted by Binghamton University applies only to the University setting; it does not apply to off-campus affiliated activities or locations. Being unable to complete required experiences may affect a student's ability to progress within and graduate from these programs. Students who have concerns about such matters are advised to contact the department of their intended academic program.

Financial aid award offers

All admitted students, who filed a FAFSA and had it sent to Binghamton University, will receive a financial aid award notification via email from Financial Aid Services in November for spring admission and late January for fall admission.

Our recommended FAFSA filing date is Jan. 1.

Deferring from Binghamton

First-year or transfer applicants who have been admitted to Binghamton University may request to defer their enrollment for up to one year.

Withdrawing your application

If you are no longer interested in Binghamton University and would like to have your application withdrawn, please complete this form . You are welcome to reapply for a future term!

Felony convictions

Students who have previously been convicted of a felony are advised that their prior criminal history may impede their ability to complete the requirements of certain academic programs and/or to meet licensure requirements for certain professions. Students who have concerns about such matters are advised to contact the dean's office of their intended academic program.