Making a Difference

Our advocates are a powerful force in support of Binghamton University and higher education, spreading the word about the University’s significant contribution to the region and state and sharing their messages with elected leaders.

Who we are

Our advocacy network is made up of thousands of University supporters, including students, parents, alumni, community members, faculty, staff and friends, who are all committed to helping Binghamton University advance as an institution.

What we do

Our advocates achieve change through advocacy. They campaign for stronger investment in higher education and in Binghamton University. Through simple and effective advocacy efforts including e-mail campaigns to legislators and decision-makers, they make their voices heard.

Our results

Our Binghamton network, represented by more than 9,000 University advocates, has played an important role in spreading the message of the value of public higher education to New York state legislators and policy-makers.

As a result, the University has been able to impact legislation that provides for consistent state support and rational tuition, allowing our campus to hire faculty and support staff, increase student access and enrollment and make substantial investments in our research infrastructure.

In addition, the University has been able to establish and solidify working relationships with the Governor's office, senior staff and members of the legislature.

We represent the university and SUNY Central as a driving force in the economy of our region and state by conveying the economic and social impact of the state's investment in higher education.

If you are interested in learning more or want to lend your voice to our advocacy efforts contact