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Students for a short time, alumni for a lifetime.

The Binghamton University Alumni Association is a strong, powerful and vibrant network made up of more than 137,000 alumni across the globe. Your Alumni Association is providing more opportunities for you to engage with your peers, current students and in the life of the University. Learn more.

Homecoming: Sept. 20-22

Homecoming: Sept. 20-22

We'll have celebrations for SOM's and Decker's 50th anniversaries, the kickoff of Harpur's 70th anniversary, reunions for the Classes of 1989 and 1999, and more!

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Connect and show Bing pride

Connect and show Bing pride

Alumni Association events on campus and around the world offer opportunities to connect with the University, expand your network and show your spirit.

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Make an impact

Make an impact

The Binghamton University Mentoring Program is a great way to support students on their path to a rewarding career.

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Our Alumni

Binghamton University graduates are exceptional, innovative and successful. They have a global impact. Be a part of this powerful network!

About the Alumni Association

The Binghamton University Alumni Association is nearly as old as the University itself. The Harpur College Alumni Association elected its first officers in 1951, following the first Commencement. As Harpur College grew and became a part of the State University of New York, the Alumni Association grew and today serves as the umbrella organization for a number of alumni groups and activities.

The Office of Alumni Engagement supports the Binghamton University Alumni Association, working on behalf of its board of directors, an all-volunteer policy-setting body. The Association represents more than 137,000 alumni and is a non-dues paying organization. All Binghamton graduates automatically become members and are entitled to the quality services and activities provided by the alumni association.

Whether your connections to Binghamton University are through one of the six schools, various athletic teams, special interest networks or other groups, the Binghamton University Alumni Association serves as a source of volunteer guidance, resources, camaraderie and support. Join us for our events and don't hesitate to let us know what you want from your Alumni Association. Your interests are important. Together, we will help ensure the excellence that is the source of our pride in Binghamton University.

The Binghamton University Plan for Alumni Engagement 2015-20 is the result of an unprecedented collaboration between the Binghamton University Alumni Association, University senior leadership and campus partners. As a graduate of Binghamton University, what you will see is a more visible and relevant Alumni Association that provides greater opportunities for you to connect with the University and with other alumni.

Mission Statement

To foster a life-long relationship between Binghamton University and its alumni.


The mission of the Binghamton University Alumni Association is to reach, serve and engage all Binghamton alumni. The Association connects Binghamton alumni to the University and to each other and supports the University's mission of teaching, research and service. The Binghamton University Alumni Association does this by encouraging collaboration, inclusiveness and continuing the tradition of excellence and building Binghamton pride.

Vision Statement

The Binghamton University Alumni Association is a dynamic and inclusive organization that is recognized as a valuable resource by the Binghamton University community. A dedicated Board of Directors works effectively with campus partners to offer programs that foster campus traditions and perpetuate a passion for a life-long involvement with the University. Students for a short time, alumni for a lifetime.

Adopted by the Binghamton University Alumni Association Board of Directors Oct. 13, 2012