Alumni Global Days of Service: April 19-21

Help us make this year's Alumni Global Days of Service the most impactful yet!

This special event unites Binghamton University graduates with current students, family, friends and community members in humanitarian service to show #BingPride and the collective power of volunteerism.

Alumni Global Days of Service 2024 are April 19-21; however, any service within National Volunteer Month (April) counts toward our goal!

Registration for our group projects has closed but you can volunteer independently and let us know about your service by filling out this form.

Questions? Contact Megan Borovicka in the Office of Alumni Engagement.



Binghamton University's Philosophy of Service

Our University community has a long history of community engagement. As a public institution "dedicated to enriching the lives of people in the region, state, nation and world through discovery and education and to being enriched by partnerships with those communities," serving the public is and always has been at Binghamton's core. The Binghamton University community views service as a two-way, mutually beneficial engagement for the public good. Those receiving service benefit from what help is being provided, and those serving learn and are enriched by the knowledge and experience of community members. Binghamton University students, staff, faculty and alumni are expected to be humble and open to learning from the experience, which should benefit all.