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headshot of Nina M.  Versaggi

Nina M. Versaggi

Retired, Senior Research Associate

Public Archaeology Facility


Versaggi's research centers on the archaeological history and prehistory of the people who once lived in present-day New York state and Pennsylvania. Particular interests include research on how pre-contact hunter-gatherers used the landscape, interacted with each other and produced the material culture recognized by archaeologists today. The Late Archaic, Transitional and Early Woodland periods form the core of her research, especially a critical evaluation of traditional chronological constructs and their potential for masking regional variability in cultural groups. She is active in presenting the results of archaeological research to the public and engaging communities in the interpretation of their heritage. Versaggi works with Native American groups on various consultation projects in New York.


  • PhD, Binghamton University

Research Interests

  • Cultural Resource Management
  • Northeastern U.S. Archaeology
  • Hunter-Gatherer Land Use Patterns
  • American Battlefield Archaeology
  • Native American Consultations

Research Profile