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headshot of Timothy de Smet

Timothy de Smet

Environmental Visualization, Research Assistant Professor

First-year Research Immersion Program


Tim de Smet is an anthropologically oriented archaeologists interested in the use of non-invasive remote sensing techniques, geoarchaeology, and the analysis of cultural material remains to answer fundamental anthropological research questions about human behavior, social organization, and cultural change through time. de Smet's firsthand experience of the curation crisis as an Assistant Curator guides his research, which focuses on the stewardship of the archaeological record through the use of remote sensing techniques to non-destructively document and preserve sites. His work in Texas (Brenham), California (Alcatraz), and currently New York with the Freshman Research Immersion (BU FRI) involves undergraduate student education and community outreach. de Smet's current research involves statistical analysis and integration of multiple geophysical datasets to reduce interpretational uncertainty, thereby answering the most anthropological research questions with the least amount of costly and destructive excavation in order to preserve these non-renewable archaeological resources in situ for future generations.

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