Community Research and Action (PhD)

Program Overview

Become a leader in researching solutions for today’s most critical social issues! The PhD program in Community Research and Action prepares students for rewarding academic or policy-related careers conducting high-quality, impactful scholarship.

Our curriculum draws from varied disciplines (e.g., anthropology, criminology, geography, sociology and psychology), allowing students to learn about the dynamic interplay among individuals, the organizations serving them and the communities in which they are embedded from many different perspectives.

Staffed by dynamic professors whose achievements have received international acclaim, our program presents exciting opportunities for students interested in conducing cutting-edge research that helps advance social justice and empower communities.

Degrees Offered

  • PhD in Community Research and Action

Internships, Research Opportunities and More

Doctoral students develop strong connections with faculty through their classes, research collaborations, teaching assistantships, dissertation work and other substantive interactions. Alongside faculty, students research some of society’s most pressing public policy challenges, such as educational inequality, racial justice, gender-based violence and many more.

After You Graduate

Graduates of the program have become leading scholars, helping to develop innovative solutions for some of the most daunting social problems. Alumni can be found in a variety of settings including academia, research institutions and policy institutes.

Admission Requirements


There are many funding and scholarship opportunities at Binghamton. We encourage prospective students to review available program-specific scholarships and awards, and visit the program's website for additional information. PhD students who are registered and/or certified full-time will receive a scholarship that covers the cost of broad-based fees (this does not include international student fees).

For more information, visit the Community Research and Action website.