German (BA)

Program Overview

The German studies program in the Department of German and Russian Studies emphasizes language fluency and cultural competency at all levels of study. The program offers innovative, student-centered courses that engage the role German culture plays in the history of ideas, in visual culture and in world literature.

Courses are taught in both English and German and connect fields of study such as history, philosophy, biology, engineering, music, psychology, cinema, art history and management.

Degrees Offered

  • BA in German: Language and Literature

Internships, research opportunities and more

The faculty of the German studies program are scholars within various fields of research which include:

  • 20th-century German literature and culture
  • contemporary German film
  • German fairytales and folklore
  • German visual culture
  • philosophical anthropology
  • technology in teaching
  • Turkish-German cinema
  • Weimar modernism and the avant-garde

The program maintains vibrant study-abroad programs with universities in German-speaking countries. Students in German studies benefit from substantial scholarships that support study abroad.


Some courses to consider in your first year:

After You Graduate

The German studies program offers students the opportunity to develop an individualized curriculum that explores the humanities and social sciences. Coursework can also be tailored to interests in engineering, computer science, management or the natural sciences.

Graduates find employment in fields such as research and teaching, marketing, finance and business, the legal profession, international relations, library science and information management. Students who graduate with this degree also pursue a myriad of graduate degrees including PhD, MBA, JD, MPA and MAT.

Find out more about how graduates are using their German major.

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