Class Profile

Wonder who studies at Binghamton?

People just like you...and people who couldn't be more different!

The incredible thing about Binghamton is that you'll learn as much from your roommates, teammates, lab partners, dance partners and debate coach as your professors. That's because we draw the most talented, diverse, extraordinary students from across the country and around the world.

Highly intelligent and curious Binghamton students have a proven passion for learning and leadership. They're explorers and innovators, eager for a challenge and not afraid of a little hard work.

Binghamton students are adventurous. They spend summers and semesters abroad and intern in their fields of study. They join student clubs and start new ones. They're not afraid to explore and discover new personal and professional interests.

Binghamton students are active. They volunteer with the Binghamton Boys & Girls Club. They go whitewater kayaking on local rivers. They join chemistry study groups in Spanish and use SYNRGY360 Trainers at FitSpace.

But most of all, Binghamton students are all completely different. Each one brings a unique perspective and set of talents to create a vibrant, engaging college environment that reflects a global awareness and an international flair.

Binghamton by the Numbers

Fall 2023 data

  • Undergraduate students: 14,400+
  • Graduate students: 4,000+
  • Total applications: 50,000+
  • First-year enrolled: 3,000+
  • Transfers enrolled: 800+
  • High school GPA mid-50%: 93–98/3.7-3.9
  • Transfer GPA mid-50%: 3.3- 3.8
  • SAT score (mid-50%)* 1300-1450
  • ACT score (mid-50%):* 29–33
  • Transfer-student retention rate: 90%
  • Academic offerings: 130+

*(ACT/SAT based on applicants who chose to submit scores)