Physics (BS, BA, minor)

Program Overview

Physics involves the study of matter and its motion, energy and force. Physicists strive to understand nature at its fundamental level, from the path of a marble rolling off a table to the collective state of electrons in a superconductor. The Physics Department at Binghamton University offers tracks in pure physics, mathematical physics, engineering physics and applied physics.

Degrees Offered

  • BS in Physics
  • BA in Physics
  • BS in Physics: Applied and Engineering Physics
  • BS in Physics: Mathematical Physics


  • Physics

Internships, Research Opportunities and More

The Physics Department provides several opportunities for students to participate in both experimental and theoretical research:

  • atomic, molecular and optical physics
  • condensed matter
  • high energy theory
  • Biophysics


Some courses to consider in your first year:

After You Graduate

A bachelor’s degree in physics can lead to graduate study in physics, engineering, applied physics or applied mathematics. The curriculum encourages the development of analytical, laboratory and reasoning skills that make physics majors useful in a variety of work environments. Students with a degree in physics can find work in fields such as law, astronomy, computer science, engineering, medicine and finance.

Accelerated/4+1 Degrees

You may also be interested in our accelerated/4+1 degree programs which allow students to complete their bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in just 5 years!

For more information, visit the Physics website.