Biological Sciences Virtual Seminar Series

Fall 2020 | Fridays 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

September 18
Speaker: Dr. Christina Baer (FRI)
Areas of Research: Natural history, ecology, and evolution of plant-insect interactions

September 25
Speaker: Haley Arnold and Andria Kroner (Grad Students)
Area(s) of Research: Seed dispersal in Mimulus norissii, Vocalizations of the Mariana crow

October 2
Speaker: Dr. Martin Weidmann, Cornell
Area(s) of Research: Prevention and control of foodborne and zoonotic diseases

October 9
Speaker: Shrestha Mathur and Sheila Moore, Grad Students
Area(s) of Research: Outer membrane vesicles in P. aeruginosa, Lateralized behavior in animals

October 16
Speaker: Dr. Bryan Dewsbury, U. Rhode Island
Area(s) of Research: URMs in STEM and student success

October 23
Speaker: Dr. Adriane Lam, Geology postdoc - BU Presidential Diversity Fellow
Area(s) of Research: Paleobiogeography, biostratigraphy and taxonomy

October 30 - 9AM SEMINAR
Speaker: Dr. Kim Kline, Nanyang Tech, Singapore
Area(s) of Research: Bacterial factors involved in colonization and biofilm formation

November 6
Speaker: Dr. Vaughn Cooper, University of Pittsburgh
Area(s) of Research: Evolutionary biology and the origins of biodiversity

November 13
Graduate Student Writing Workshop