Biological Sciences (BS, BA, minor)

Program Overview

Biologists help us to better understand the needs of our planet and its inhabitants and to discover the solutions to the problems facing both. The Biological Sciences department at Binghamton University is designed for students to develop the ability to carry out scientific investigation, understand and critically evaluate biological information, discuss and communicate biological concepts accurately, effectively and concisely, and apply biological training to careers.

Degrees Offered

  • BS in Biological Sciences
  • BA in Biological Sciences


  • Biological Sciences

Internships, Research Opportunities and More

Research opportunities are competitive as students have the opportunity to work one-on-one in the lab with professors. Nearly half of each class contributes to faculty research programs, and integrating research and coursework through First-year Research Immersion or Summer Research Immersion programs.

Refer to the research, teaching and other work experience page for more information on how to enter a professor’s research program.


Some courses to consider in your first year:

After You Graduate

Students graduate from biology related programs prepared for advanced degree programs in research and health professional fields, and have the training and skills to excel in a wide range of biology-related careers. Recent graduates have entered prestigious medical, dental and veterinary programs, graduate research programs, and have entered the work force in biotechnology, health industries and governmental agencies including the National Institute of Health and the Department of Defense.

Accelerated/4+1 Degrees

You may also be interested in our accelerated/4+1 degree programs which allow students to complete their bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in just 5 years!