Biology Graduate Student Organization (BGSO)

Biology Graduate Student Organization

The BGSO is a chartered sub-organization of the Graduate Student Organization (GSO) of Binghamton University. The objective of the BGSO is to promote the success of biology graduate students by hosting academic and social events throughout the year with the intent of enriching their personal and professional environments.

Executive Board:

  • President: Holly Smith
  • Vice-President: Emma Glynn
  • Treasurer: Jordyn Condrate
  • Senator: Emma Glynn
  • Historian: Maybe you?
  • Event Coordinator:  Maybe you?

Connect with BGSO:

Annual Department of Biological Sciences Symposium

JANUARY 12TH & 13TH, 2024

Binghamton University

2024 Symposium Website

The Annual Department of Biological Sciences Symposium features oral and poster presentations of original biology research from Binghamton University and regional university graduate and undergraduate students. This event provides an excellent opportunity to learn about diverse biology research topics including global change threats to species fitness, host-parasite interactions, biofilms, lipid biology and behavioral biology, to name a few. The Department of Biological Sciences Symposium creates a small conference feel, perfect for practicing presentation skills, networking, and building collaborations with colleagues. In addition, this symposium provides professional development sessions that offers students a chance to learn about career opportunities following graduation and resources for meeting their professional goals.

Previously represented universities include; Binghamton University, University of Rochester, SUNY Oneonta, University of Pennsylvania, Rutgers University, Temple University, SUNY Upstate Medical University, Cornell University.

  • Registration Dates & Information
  • Biological Sciences Symposium Best Presentation Winners
    2022 Best Presentation Winners:
    • Oral Presentations:
      • Emily Cowell (Temple University)
      • Hagar K. Soliman (Binghamton University) 
    • Poster Presentations:
      • Rachel Kruger (Binghamton University)
      • Lizza Maria Giselle Roman Mino (Binghamton University)
      • Alexandra Martin (Binghamton University
    2021 Best Presentation Winners:
    • Oral Presentations:
      • Victoria Oladosu (Binghamton University)
      • Christie Santoro (Binghamton University)
    • Flash Talks:
      • Antonina Poplawski (Excelsior Biofilms LLC, Vestal, NY)
      • Haley Arnold (Binghamton University)
    2020 Best Presentation Winners:
    • Poster Presentation: Andria Kroner (Binghamton University)
    • Oral Presentation: Haley Arnold (Binghamton University)
    2019 Best Presentation Winners:
    • Poster Presentation :  Dr. Kathryn Cherny (Binghamton University)
    • Oral Presentation :  Nicholas Buss (Binghamton University)