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Department of Biological Sciences Graduate Program

Dr. Matthew Parker

Graduate Director's Message
Dr. Matthew Parker

The Graduate Program in Biological Sciences at Binghamton has two tracks: Biochemistry, Cell & Molecular Biology (BCMB) and Ecology, Evolution & Behavior (EEB). With the help of their faculty advisors, some students combine these tracks. Courses, seminars, individual and team research, and faculty-student interactions are the foundation of our program. This foundation provides breadth and depth of knowledge and skills necessary for successful careers in the life sciences.

Size is a critical factor in your choice of a graduate program. The program must be large enough to provide the breadth of knowledge and experience required for modern biological research, yet small enough to remain personal and sensitive to the needs of individual students. At the undergraduate level, a research university the size of Binghamton University turns its size into an advantage by providing small classes, one-on-one interactions between students and faculty, and ample opportunities for students to tailor their own studies. We use the same principles in our graduate program.

Graduate students in our program also have excellent opportunities for interdisciplinary studies. We have extensive collaborations with faculty and students in the Departments of Anthropology, Chemistry, Geography, Geological Sciences, Philosophy, Physics and Psychology, and with faculty in the Schools of Education, Nursing, Management and Engineering.

Our alumni have successful careers as faculty at prominent research universities, in industry, government agencies, consulting firms, conservation organizations and in the health professions. We invite you to explore our range of degrees and teaching certificate program.

Last Updated: 2/22/18