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Christopher Smyth


Biological Sciences


Christopher Smyth has a broad background in fungal taxonomy, ecology and evolution. Recently, his work has focused on human and animal-infecting fungal species. Several fungi commonly implicated in human infections were recently identified in association with mass mortalities in sea turtle nests. Much of his research has focused on understanding the ecology and epidemiology of the pathogens responsible for this disease - sea turtle egg fusariosis (STEF).

Smyth has extensive experience teaching introductory biology and microbiology courses for biology majors, as well as non-biology majors. In addition, he developed and taught a 3-week intensive field course, Coastal and Marine Mycology, at the Chincoteague Bay Field Station during the summer of 2019.


  • PhD, Pennsylvania State University
  • BS, Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania

Research Interests

  • Marine fungi
  • Fungal taxonomy
  • Fungal diseases of wildlife
  • Microbial ecology

Research Profile