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headshot of Eliza Grames

Eliza Grames

Assistant Professor

Biological Sciences


Grames is an integrative biologist using quantitative methods, evidence synthesis, and long-term data to understand the effects of rapid environmental change on biodiversity, with a special emphasis on birds and insects. Her work explores how populations and communities respond to stressors such as habitat loss and degradation, climate change, and breakdown of species interactions in the Anthropocene. She is interested in how we can best integrate and analyze existing data to generate long-term ecological data, and how we can use what we know from historical data and well-studied systems to guide future research and conservation for understudied taxa and regions. The main focus of her research is centered on understanding the causes and consequences of insect decline, however, she is broadly interested in bird and insect ecology, global change, conservation, and research synthesis methods.


  • PhD, University of Connecticut
  • BS, BA, University of Minnesota

Research Interests

  • Global change ecology
  • Biodiversity loss and conservation
  • Research synthesis methods

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