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Kaiming Ye

SUNY Distinguished Professor and Chair

Biomedical Engineering


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Kaiming Ye is professor and department chair of Biomedical Engineering and director of the Center of Biomanufacturing for Regenerative Medicine at the Binghamton University (BU), State University of New York (SUNY). 

He is one of the top most distinguished and accomplished leaders in the field of medical and biological engineering. He is fellow of AIMBE and senior member of IEEE. His scholarly contributions to the field include the development of the concept of advanced biomanufacturing and his leadership role in promoting and growing the field of the advanced biomanufacturing. He is well-known for his work in bioprinting and tissue biofabrication, in particular the biofabrication of human pancreatic islets from pluripotent stem cells such as iPSCs. His work in advanced biomanufacturing was featured as a cover story of ASEE PRISM journal. He has invented fluorescent nanosensors for continuous glucose monitoring for type-1 diabetic patients. His work in glucose sensors was featured in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. He invented recombinant yeast-based influenza vaccines. His current work includes the development of cancer immune therapeutic vaccines. His research has been continuously supported by NIH, NSF, JDRF, ABI and industries.

He has chaired and co-chaired a number of international conferences and has delivered keynote/plenary speech in numerous international and national conferences. He co-organized more than 10 workshops, including two WTEC studies: “Global Assessment of Stem Cell Science and Engineering" and “Global Assessment of Advanced Biomanufacturing" to promote and grow the field of advanced biomanufacturing, He serves as Editor-in-Chief, Executive Editor, Associate Editor, and member of Editorial Boards of 13 journals.

He is also a highly accomplished administrator and has contributed significantly to the national policy-make in science and engineering. During his tenure at NSF, he directed a biomedical engineering program, making funding decisions and implementing post-award management. He was member of a number of interagency working groups, including the Interagency Workgroup for Neuroscience, Interagency Modeling and Analysis Workgroup, and Multiagency Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Workgroup. In addition, he was involved in NSF CIF21 IGRET program, Cyber-Enabled Science and Engineering Program, NIH/NSF joint program on interface between physics and life science, and NIH/NCI-NSF Physicals and Engineering Sciences in Oncology program. Finally, he is a highly accomplished educator in biomedical engineering. As chair of Biomedical Engineering Department at BU, he led the growth of the Department.

Selected Professional Activities and Awards

  • Fellow, American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE), 2014
  • Senior Member, IEEE, 2013
  • Council Chair, Biomedical Engineering Society Advanced Biomanufacturing Special Interest Group, 2014-2018
  • Member, Biomedical Engineering Society Awards Committee, 2017-2019
  • Member, NIH/NIDDK Building a Kidney Consortium External Advisory Committee, 2016~
  • Member, Regenerative Medicine Standards Coordinating Body (SCB), May 2016~
  • Chair, Advisory Board of School of Biomedical Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China, 08/13~present
  • Subject Matter Expert, NSF/NIST funded Manufacturing MForsight Think-Tank, 2015~2016
  • Member, Executive Committee, the Clinical Translational Science Institute, Medical School, University of Rochester, 2013~
  • 2016 “Career Champion" award, Binghamton University, SUNY, New York
  • Member, Scientific Advisory Committee, 2017 International Conference on Biofabrication, Oct. 15-18, 2018, Beijing, China
  • Workshop Organizer and Chair: “Advanced Biomanufacturing", 2016 ASME Nano-engineering for
  • Featured at the cover story entitled “Fit to Print" at February Issue of Prism by the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE), February 2015
  • Conference Co-Chair: 2016 Annual Meeting of Cell and Molecular Engineering and Advanced Biomanufacturing, New Orleans, LA, January 12-15, 2016
  • Conference Chair, “NIH-NSF Joint Workshop for Integrative Additive Biomanufacturing and Tumor Engineering", Bethesda, MD, April 1-2, 2015
  • Member, Scientific Advisory Board for Tissue Engineering and Regeneration Medicine International Society-Meeting—America, Washington, DC, USA, December 12-15, 2014
  • Chair, Advisory Board, School of Biomedical Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University, 2014-present
  • Member, Advisory Board of Joint School of Biomedical Engineering, Chongqing University and the Third Military Medical University, China, 05/12~07/14
  • Section Co-organizer and Chair, Bioinspired Manufacturing, 2014 World Congress of Biomechanics, Boston, Nov, 25-28, 2014
  • Member, SUNY Health Network Steering Committee, 2013
  • Member, Scientific Advisory Committee, 2013 Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society--Asia annual Meeting, Shanghai, China, October 23-26, 2013
  • Member, Conference Organizing Committee, the 3rd World Congress on Cell Science & Stem Cell Research, Baltimore, November 20-22, 2013
  • Associated Editor, the 6th International IEEE EMBS Neural Engineering Conference, San Diego, November 6-8, 2013
  • Member, State University of New York Health Now Network of Excellence Steering Committee, 2013~
  • Member, Organizing Committee, International Conference and Exhibition on Biosensors & Bioelectronics, May 14-16, 2012, Las Vegas, USA
  • International Advisory Board Member, “World Congress on Biotechnology", May 4-6, 2012, Hydenbad, India
  • Topic organizer, “Nano drug Delivery and Nanomedicine" at the Track of “Nano engineering for Biology and Medicine", American Society for Mechanical Engineering, 2011 International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition, Colorado, Denver, November 11-17, 2011
  • Selected as an Organizing Committee Member, “International Conference on Clinical Research: Dermatology, Ophthalmology, and Cardiology", July 4-6, 2011, San Francisco, USA
  • Served as an Organizing Committee Member, “International Conference and Exhibition on Biosensors and Bioelectronics", September 12-14, 2011, Baltimore, Maryland, USA


  • Vascularized pancreatic organoid development and 3D bioprinting
  • Develop 3D biomimetic scaffolds for directing lineage-specific differentiation of human embryonic and induced pluripotent stem (ES/iPS) cells into clinically-relevant cell lineages such as insulin-secretion pancreatic beta cells and islet organoids for cell replacement therapy
  • Construct bioinspired materials for wound healing and bone and neuron regeneration
  • Create fluorescent nanosensors for in vivo tracking stem cell proliferation and differentiation
  • Develop implantable glucose sensors for continuous blood glucose monitoring for diabetic patients
  • Engineer fluorescence nanosensors for real-time measurement of glucose transport in insulin-resistance tissues and cells by visualizing glucose dynamics in these cells through fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM) measurement


  • BS, MS, PhD, East China University of Science and Technology

Research Interests

  • Advanced biomanufacturing
  • 3D bioprinting
  • stem cell and regenerative medicine
  • nanomedicine
  • cell engineering
  • vaccine development
  • single molecular imaging
  • biosensors

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