Featured Publications

  •  UniChip  enables long-term recirculating unidirectional perfusion with gravity-driven flow for microphysiological systems. (Read More). Ying I Wang, Micheal L Shuler. 
    • Lab on a Chip 18, 2563-2574 (2018). 
    • Recieved exceptionally positive refree reports and was selected into the "HOT articles" collection of the journal. 


  • Microfluidic blood–brain barrier model provides in vivo‐like barrier properties for drug permeability screening. (Read More). Ying I Wang, Hasan Erbil Abaci, Michael L Shuler. 
    • Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 114, 184,  194 (2017).
    • Won the 2018 Biotechnology & Bioengineering Gaden Award. 
      • Voted best paper of the year
      • Rated as Highly Cited Paper. Top 1% of academic feild of Biology & Biochemistry by Web of Science 


  • Multi-organ system for the evaluation of efficacy and off-target toxicity of anticancer therapeutics.(Read More).  Christopher W McAleer, Christopher J Long, Daniel Elbrecht, Trevor Sasserath, L Richard Bridges, John W Rumsey, Candace Martin, Mark Schnepper, Ying Wang, Franz Schuler, Adrian B Roth, Christoph Funk, Michael L Shuler, James J Hickman.
    • Science Translational Medicine. 11, eaav1386 (2019). 


  • Multiorgan microfluidic platform with breathable lung chamber for inhalation or intravenous drug screening and development. (Read More).  Paula G Miller, Chen‐Yu Chen, Ying I Wang, Emily Gao, Michael L Shuler
    • Biotechnology and Bioengineering. 117, 486–497 (2020). 


  • Multiorgan Microphysiological Systems for Drug Development: Strategies, Advances, and Challenges.(Read More). Ying I Wang, Carlos Carmona, James J Hickman, Michael L Shuler.
    • Advanced Healthcare Materials. 7, 1701000 (2018)


  • Strategies for using mathematical modeling approaches to design and interpret multi-organ microphysiological systems (MPS). (Read More).  Jong Hwan Sung, Ying Wang, Michael L Shuler.
    • APL Bioengineering. 3, 021501 (2019). Editor's Pick, Cover paper.


  • Multi-cellular 3D human primary liver cell culture elevates metabolic activity under fluidic flow. (Read More).  Mandy B Esch, Jean-Matthieu Prot, Ying I Wang, Paula Miller, Jose Ricardo Llamas-Vidales, Brian A Naughton, Dawn R Applegate, Michael L Shuler. 
    • Lab on a Chip 15, 2269–2277 (2015). 


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