Getting started

How to report an activity 

Options for reporting

Before visiting Collaboratory, you may wish to review the information required to submit an activity. 

The following options are then available for faculty, staff and students to report an activity: 

  • Collaboratory Team Proxy: Complete the Collaboratory Activity Google Form. We will get your activity started in Collaboratory, and then have a short follow up Zoom meeting (approximately 20 minutes) to finalize and publish your activity.
  • On your own: Follow the instructions below to complete the activity entry process on your own. If at any point you decide you need assistance, you may contact Renae at

Community partners may report an activity using the Collaboratory Community Partner Google Form

Basic steps

  1. Log into Collaboratory using your BU login information
  2. Scroll down to the section beneath the search box and either click "Add Activities" in the Faculty and Staff box, or "Proxy Activities" in the Student box.
    • Faculty and staff: Review the options, and either invite someone to proxy your activity (enter it on your behalf), be a proxy (enter on someone else’s behalf), or click "Create" to enter your activity.
    • Students: Identify the faculty or staff member you are entering an activity for by selecting them as the activity lead. Or, click "Continue and invite later" in the lower right hand corner of the box.
  3. Answer the first four questions — the Decision Tree — to determine whether your activity can be entered into Collaboratory, and whether your activity is considered public service or community engagement.
  4. If your activity can be entered, you will be redirected to enter your activity and will continue through the form, providing information and selecting checkboxes for all required questions. Your progress is saved each time you click Next (or Save & Exit on the final page), so you may return to complete your submission later if necessary.
  5. Once you have finished all of the required information, click "Submit Activity," and your activity will be sent to a moderator for review. Once approved, your submission will be made public.