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Associate professor of public administration Thomas Sinclair's students get a first-hand look of how state government plans for and manages a construction project at the Prospect Mountain site in Binghamton
Faculty Engagement Associate

The search for our next faculty engagement associate is ongoing. This individual meets with faculty members to discuss community engagement opportunities, facilitate the development of community-engaged course syllabi, and more.

For more information: 607-777-4287 or

President Harvey Stenger honors faculty member Lisa Yun and students during the 2015 Institute on Community-Engaged Teaching, Research & Scholarship
Programs, Events & Resources
for Faculty

The Center for Civic Engagement offers programs, events and resources for Binghamton University faculty interested in Community Engagement. Our services and resources are designed to help instructors of all backgrounds and disciplines incorporate engaged learning into their teaching, research or scholarship.

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2015 Engaged Faculty Fellows for Teaching Excellence Program

Teaching Enrichment Grants

Engaged Faculty Speaker Series

CCE Faculty Newsletter

Institute on Community-Engaged Teaching, Research & Scholarship

Binghamton University Engagement Resources

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Jennifer Wegmann, 2014-15 Engaged Faculty Fellow, teaches a Health & Wellness class

The Association of American Colleges & Universities has identified service-learning as a high impact educational practice. Learn more about the different types of engaged learning, how to get your community-engaged course designated, and more.

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Benefits of Engaged Learning

Developing a Community-Engaged Course

Community-Engaged Course Designation

Community-Engaged Courses at Binghamton University

Binghamton University Watson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences computer science students and William L. Ziegler, Associate Professor, Faculty Master and Director-Scholars, examine a Gigapan robot that creates panorama images by stitching mulitple images together after shooting them in a row. The students are developing a system to help located debris that could damage airplanes on runways.
Research & Scholarship

Binghamton University faculty and students perform community-engaged research in various fields, leading to more efficient and better methods to administer programs, as well as the revitalization of the region. Learn about community-engaged research happening at Binghamton and around the country.

Also view examples of peer-reviewed scholarship by Binghamton University faculty members exploring community engagement,

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Resources for Community-Based Research

Faculty Resources for Professional Evaluation

Journals on Service-Learning and Public Scholarship

Binghamton University Engaged Research & Reports

As part of the Center for Civic Engagement's Institute on Community-Engaged Teaching, Research & Scholarship, President Harvey G. Stenger awarded faculty, students, and community members for their community-engaged work. Lisa Yun is seen here receiving her award.
Institute on
Teaching, Research & Scholarship

This Institute aims to support and enhance Binghamton University's capacity for civic leadership as a public research institution. Highly-interactive sessions provide a platform for critical dialogue on community-engaged teaching and research and address the role of community engagement in teaching, research, assessment, and professional evaluation in academia.

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Last Updated: 12/29/17