Get out the vote

Vote in person on Election Day

Students who are registered to vote on campus will vote in the University Union for general elections. Students who register with their local off-campus address will vote at a polling site near their residence.

Find your polling place 

Polls in New York are open 6 a.m.– 9 p.m.

Vote in person during Early Voting

New York voters have the option to vote early. Check with your local board of elections for early voting hours and locations for upcoming elections.

Vote Absentee or by Mail

If you are unable to vote in person, plan ahead to request a ballot!

Information on Affidavit Voting

If you are registered to vote in New York and moved within the state without updating your voter registration address, you can likely still vote! Go to the polling place for your current address and let the poll worker know that you are a currently registered New York voter and need to request an affidavit ballot. Complete the ballot carefully using your current local address. 

Do I need ID to vote? 

New York voters do not typically need to show ID to vote. However, if the board of elections is unable to verify your identity based on the information you provided on your voter registration form, you may be asked to show ID the first time you vote.