Candidates and issues on the ballot

What's on the ballot in 2019 in Broome County?

Federal elections 

In order to vote in the spring 2020 presidential primary in New York, you must be enrolled in a political party that is having a primary election. The deadline to change your party enrollment in New York is February 14.

State elections

New York State Supreme Court Justice

  • What: The 6th District of the New York State Supreme Court serves 10 counties (Broome, Tioga, Chemung, Chenango, Cortland, Delaware, Madison, Otsego, Schuyler and Tompkins). Seven Justices serve the 6th district. Sits below New York’s highest court, the Court of Appeals. 
  • Length: 14-year term
  • Who: Five candidates are on the ballot for three open positions. Voters can cast their vote for three candidates total.
    • Chris Baker (R, Con, Ind)
    • Oliver Blaise (R, Con, Ind)
    • Pete Charnetsky (D)
    • Mark Masler (R, Con, Ind)
    • Claudette Newman (D)
  • Function: "...generally hears cases outside the authority of the lower courts such as civil matters beyond the monetary limits of the lower courts’ jurisdiction, divorce, separation and annulment proceedings, and criminal prosecutions of felonies" (The New York State Courts: An Introductory Guide).

Local elections

Binghamton City Council

  • What: Seven districts representing Binghamton residents. Districts 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 are all contested. Residents vote for one candidate based on their neighborhood.
  • Length: Four-year term.
  • Who:
    • District 1: Scaringi (R, Con, Lbt, Ind)-Unopposed
    • District 2: Livingston (D) vs. Resciniti (R, Con, Lbt,Ind)
    • District 3: Riley (D, Wor) vs. Atkinson (R, Con, Ind)
    • District 4: Friedman (D, Wor) vs. Cordisco (R, Con, Ind)
    • District 5: Burns (D) vs. Garufi (R, Ind)
    • District 6: Ames (D) vs. Strawm (R, Con, Ind)
    • District 7: Valerio (D, Wor) vs. Scanlon (R, Con, Ind)
  • Function: Legislative body with power over city finances and law, including road maintenance, allocation of funding and working with the mayor to set priorities for the city.
  • Council representatives attend two types of meetings:
    • Work Sessions: The Council writes up and considers requests for legislation.
    • Business Meetings: The Council votes on items such as budgetary transfers and resolutions, ordinances, and local laws. These meetings are open to the public to voice concerns.  

Broome County District Attorney

  • What: The county’s chief prosecutor responsible for overseeing the prosecutor’s office, investigating crimes, filing criminal charges and trying criminal cases.
  • Length: Four-year term
  • Who: Three candidates are on the ballot.
    • Paul Battisti (R),
    • Debra Gelson (D, Working Families)
    • Michael Korchak (Libertarian).
  • Function: Oversees prosecutor’s office, decides whether to bring criminal charges, and prosecutes criminal cases in court.


To learn more about the races and candidates, check out these resources: