About the Fleishman Career Center

The Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development is an internationally-recognized career center that prides itself on creating a tailored experience for all students. Through our programming initiatives and individual consulting, we create pathways for all Binghamton students to explore, pursue, and achieve fulfilled lives through a dynamic network of opportunities and connections. 

Supporting Binghamton students

Our team has created a dynamic virtual career center where students can access career information, content, and resources 24/7. The virtual career center, UConnect, is home to the career cluster model that allows students to get tailored career education information and resources through weekly newsletters, programming, and experiential learning opportunities. 

At the Fleishman Career Center, we leverage the experience of Binghamton University alumni to help educate students, provide opportunities for skill development, and enhance their network. We work to create partnerships with organizations offering job and internship opportunities for students.  

Our method and approach

We believe that an individualized approach is the only way to prepare students for their unique path that takes into consideration their identity, influences and barriers. Our goal is that students find confidence and clarity in their career exploration and preparation. The Path to Career Confidence and Clarity provides students with tangible steps to take based on their unique career journey. 

  1. Research You: The foundational step of career exploration. Students must understand themselves, including interests, values, skills, and motivations, before they begin making connections to careers.
  2. Guided Exploration: Students begin to research and identify career paths that align with their personal interests, values, skills, and motivations. The goal is to narrow down their interests to a few career options.
  3. Expand and Reflect: Students pursue experiences (such as internships, research, job shadowing, campus organizations, volunteering, etc.) relating to their career interests. Gaining relevant experience will help prepare them for future careers and evaluate if this is the right path for them.
  4. Plan and Dive Deeper: Students evaluate the experiences they have and make more strategic decisions to fully prepare themselves for the workplace. This consists of identifying expeirence gaps and working on filling them, growing their professional networks, and enhancing their skillsets.

The Fleishman Career Center is here to be a partner in your career journey. We're excited to see your next steps.