Our Mission

Our Mission

We create pathways for all Binghamton University students to explore, pursue, and achieve fulfilled lives through a dynamic network of opportunities and connections.

Our Vision

Immerse 100% of students in career and personal growth.

Our Values

Champion for Students
We are champions of students. Students’ growth, learning and overall success is the core of our work. We put students first and empower them with the connections and support to take ownership of their career journey.

Elevate Diversity
We elevate diverse perspectives, experiences and backgrounds and invite them into our work. We continuously learn from and challenge our own experience and perspectives. We promote the career mobility of all students, creating pathways that enable them to overcome barriers to their career and personal success.

Invest Intentionally
We are purposeful about where and how we invest our resources. We cultivate meaningful relationships with those in the Binghamton University Community who share our commitment to student success. We pursue relationships where everyone is able to achieve their goals.

Engage Wholeheartedly
We engage wholeheartedly with our work, our students, our partners, and each other. We embrace open communication, authenticity, and empathy in our interactions and are committed to creating open and creative spaces where passion and the ideas of all contributors are valued.

Celebrate the Process
We celebrate the process, appreciating the “what” and the “how” of our work. We acknowledge our shared investment in each individual’s career journey. We celebrate and express gratitude for individual victories, our work as a team and the success of our students.

The Fleishman Center staff