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The Fleishman Career Center is committed to fostering a more equitable future through career education and creating transformative opportunities. Many of our funds and programs are supported by our generous donors, who have been instrumental in supporting the success of our students. 

Internship Funds

Internships are valuable experiences that increase career-readiness in students and often lead to full-time job opportunities, but unpaid or low paying internships are not accessible to students with financial need. Internship funding helps bridge the equity gap by providing supplemental funding to students in need to help cover costs of living while they are completing a summer internship. Every year, about 50 students are able to complete summer internships thanks to this funding and generous support from donors. 

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Binghamton student at her summer internship at Moodu's Investors Service.
With the help of the Fleishman's internship funds, Esha was able to intern at Moody's Investors Service during the summer '23.

Professional Development Fund

The Professional Development Fund enables students to engage in various professional development activities, such as attending conferences and networking events, purchasing professional attire, and preparing for graduate school admission exams. By removing financial obstacles, this fund provides students the necessary resources to thrive in their pursuits. Your support enables us to eliminate barriers and foster a more inclusive environment for our student body.

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Binghamton students talking with an alumni
The Professional Development opens to door to professional development activities for students.


The CONNECT program takes students to different cities across the United States with large pockets of Binghamton alumni for Employer Treks (visits to notable employers at their local office locations) and Networking Nights with local alumni. Students who participate in this program are able to explore careers, grow their professional networks in cities of interest, and develop professionally. They also gain valuable insight that is helpful for job and internship applications. To ensure financial need is not a barrier to participation, the program provides support for transportation and lodging to select cities.

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Binghamton students at Google
Students trek to Google with the Silicon Valley CONNECT Program 2023

Get involved in career programming

The Fleishman Career Center welcomes professionals who are interested in career and professional development programming for students. This could look like:

  • Hosting a skills lab to teach students important industry skills that you are an expert in
  • Writing a blog to share your career wisdom
  • Participating in panel discussions to answer student questions
    Attending networking events
  • Bringing your organization to recruit at Job and Internship Fairs
  • And more!

Email us at to learn about upcoming volunteer opportunities.

Are you an alumnus of Binghamton University?

Check out our alumni resources page and ways to volunteer as an alum