Connect with Binghamton students

Ranked among the elite public universities in the country, Binghamton University challenges students academically so that they are truly prepared to meet the needs of the working world. Whatever your goals, the Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development staff is eager to assist you with your recruiting needs. We work in collaboration with partner career offices throughout the University. Together, we coordinate and provide services and programs to connect your organization with students and help you reach your goals.

  • Fall 2024 Recruiting Calendar
    • August 20: Student Employment Fair
    • September 5: Science, Research, Engineering/Tech Job & Internship Fair
    • September 11: Business Operations , Marketing, and Consulting Job & Internship Fair
    • September 18: Diversity Roundtable
    • October 10: Graduate and Professional Schools Fairs
    • January 13-17: NYC CONNECT Employer Treks

Engage and recruit our students

Utilize hireBING by Handshake, our online job and internship search portal, in your recruiting efforts to post positions and participate in career fairs and other recruiting events. Connect with and recruit both undergraduate and graduate students by specific class years and majors through this free platform.

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The Fleishman Center values outside organizations and invited them to assist us in student career development programs such as mock interviews, resume reviews, interviewing, job search and networking.

Other ways to engage and recruit students:

Build your organization's brand recognition at Binghamton University

The Fleishman Career Center partners with employers to support them in building a brand on campus. Establishing a presence on campus and building brand recognition enables organizations to more effectively engage students and recruit them for job and internship opportunities. Studies show that students are far more likely to apply for jobs when they recognize the mane of the employer, meaning that building your brand and name recognition with students of all majors and class years is an excellent way to meet your recruiting goals.

Some examples of initiatives and programs employers can participate in include:

  • Hiring student ambassadors to increase your organization’s visibility on campus.
  • Offering part-time roles or internships to find future talent and test-drive students’ fit with your organization.
  • Tabling in the University Union to gain visibility and meet students in a less formal environment.
  • Offering campus programs such as professional development opportunities, alumni showcases or talks, competitions/case studies, or employer treks/site visits.
  • Attending career fairs and other recruiting events that are open to employers.
    Advertising in the Career Guide, which has a 5,000 copy annual distribution.

Contact the Employer Engagement Team at for support implementing any of these strategies for building your brand on campus.

On-campus interviews

Employers can request and manage on-campus interviews through hireBING . Our Employer Engagement Team will promote your opportunity, provide resumes, schedule interviews and reserve a private interview room in our employer interview suite at no cost. Fall on-campus recruiting runs from early October to mid-November. Spring on-campus recruiting runs from mid-February to mid-April.

How it works:

  1. Your organization and position are posted on hireBING. The Employer Engagement Team establishes a deadline date by which interested students must apply online.
  2. After the deadline passes, you view and prescreen candidate resumes, make candidate selections and forward those names to the Employer Engagement Team.
  3. The Employer Engagement Team establishes interview schedules, notifies students of selection, and assists students in scheduling interview times on hireBING.

Make the most of your visit to campus

Employers can schedule an information session or table in the University Union in conjunction with an on-campus recruiting visit or as a preliminary way to introduce your organization and opportunities to Binghamton students. Find additional information on recruiting in our Employer Policies.

Virtual on-campus recruiting

Employers who are unable to come in person for on-campus interviews can still utilize on-campus recruiting services. The Employer Engagement Team offers the option for employers to reserve a room in the Interview Suite that is equipped with technology that allows students to interview virtually with the hiring team. The Fleishman Career Center can still offer all the other perks of on-campus recruiting with this virtual option, including promoting your opportunity, providing resumes, and scheduling interviews.

To speak more about on-campus recruiting options, please contact the Employer Engagement Team at 

Host an information session or professional development workshop

Information sessions and professional development workshops can be excellent opportunities for engaging students on campus. To maximize effectiveness and address issues such as low student attendance and employer travel costs, information sessions will only be offered for a select period of days during the semester. Sessions may only be scheduled based on room availability and only one information session may be hosted at a time. We recommend incorporating a professional development component into the session. Previous sessions have included topics around Bitcoin, Investment Banking for Liberal Arts students and a discussion on jobs in user experience.

If we are unable to approve your information session request, we may be able to offer alternative options such as tabling in our union.

How to request an information session:

  1. Login to hireBING.
  2. Click on "Events" in the left navigation.
  3. Select "Request Event."
  4. Under host, choose "Binghamton University."
  5. Under type, choose "Info Session."
  6. Fill out the remaining pieces of information in the form and click on "Request Event."

Catering and refreshments during your information session:

If catering is desired for an information session, please make sure that food is permitted in the room you are scheduled in by verifying with an Employer Services staff member. Contact Binghamton University Dining Services directly to place a catering order.

Host a Skills Lab

The Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development is excited to announce the launch of our Skills Lab. This new, collaborative space provides a unique opportunity for students to cultivate high-demand industry skills with the guidance of employer and alumni partners. By hosting a Skills Lab, you not only contribute to the professional development of our students but also gain a direct connection to emerging talent. We encourage employers to identify 3-4 essential skills for entry-level roles within their organizations or areas often lacking in applicants. Our dedicated career center staff will work closely with you to tailor a Skills Lab that aligns with your organization's specific needs. Each 75-minute session offers a deep dive into both the professional journey of the presenter and hands-on skill development. This innovative approach not only enriches students' networks but also allows them to practice tangible, in-demand job skills.

Examples of possible skills labs could include developing a stock pitch, writing a press release, basics of project management, search engine optimization, creating a social media content schedule, and any other hard skills that are essential for careers at your organization.

For more information about the skills lab or if you are interested in partnering on a skills lab, contact the Fleishman Career Center Employer Engagement team at 

Other ways

The Fleishman Career Center's Employer Engagement Team is available to develop customized solutions to help your organization meet its recruiting goals. Contact the team at for support in promoting opportunities on campus and engaging students that would be a good fit for your organization. 

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