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The Fleishman Career Center promotes diverse and inclusive career development, connecting students with like-minded employers for lasting success.
The Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development embraces the university’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion where Binghamton University staff, students and alumni develop a distinct ability to work, learn and live in diverse environments. We understand the need for inclusive work cultures, and we are committed to ensuring all student experiences, backgrounds and perspectives are integrated into career planning and development. We strive to connect our students with employers that share common values for sustained career success. Learn more about our journey to become a more inclusive and equitable center by reading our commitment to racial justice.

By the numbers

We welcome you to explore commonly requested information about Binghamton University in the common data set on our Office of Institutional Research & Assessment website regarding diversity through enrollment, undergraduate admission and graduation rates.

Maximize your diversity recruiting

  • Join the Fleishman Career Center’s equity affinity communities

    Logos for each of the affinity communities
    Affinity communities are based on a shared identity or common goal to enhance community and networking among members of underserved student populations.
    The Fleishman Career Center curates resources and content for students that identify with different affinity communities. These communities are intended to enhance community and networking among members of underserved populations.

    The equity affinity communities are:

    Ways employers can get involved with the affinity communities:

    • Promoting jobs and internships to select communities with student populations you are looking to recruit.
    • Contributing blogs or resources from your organization with content that will support and inspire students in each community.
    • Connecting students with employees at your organization who have a shared identity and can provide mentorship.
    • Learning more about the student groups you are trying to recruit and engage through affinity community content.
    • Participating in events that are geared towards affinity groups of students you are trying to recruit.
  • Participate in signature diversity programs and events

    The Fleishman Career Center organizes signature events every year that are geared towards students from diverse backgrounds. Participating in these events is an excellent opportunity to engage diverse students.

    • Diversity Roundtable
    • Multicultural Career Fair Flip
    • Out At Work Series
    • What’s Your First Generation Story? Series
    • Additional events are added regularly

    Please contact our Employer Engagement Team at hirebing@binghamton.edu for more information on how you can get involved with these events.

  • Maximize internships for students with diverse backgrounds

    In order to ensure the best internship experience for students from diverse backgrounds, we suggest the following best practices: 

    • Offer at least one networking opportunity for your student intern.
    • Introduce them to a casual mentor as a point of contact at your company.
    • Establish a system for supervisors to give formal guidance and direction, set expectations, explain deliverables and provide performance feedback at the conclusion of the internship.
  • Connecting with additional student groups and organizations

    There are over 650 student clubs and organizations at Binghamton University, with new ones continually added. All University-affiliated organizations and clubs can be found on B-Engaged. This website includes descriptions and contact information for most Binghamton University affiliated organizations.

    Student groups and organizations are also encouraged to work with companies who have been recognized as exemplifying diversity and inclusion.  You can benchmark your own organization through the following resources:

  • Don't know where to start?

    Here are some free resources that can assist you with assessing your organization's current progress towards diversity, equity and inclusion:

Creating unique diversity recruiting solutions

The Fleishman Career Center is happy to support your organization with your diversity recruiting goals. Contact our Employer Engagement Team at hirebing@binghamton.edu and let us work with you to develop a custom recruiting plan. We can place your opportunities in email listserv to targeted groups, suggest events and programs to participate in, identify offices and student groups to connect you with, and more.

About our resources

At Binghamton University, we value each individual and acknowledge intersectionality across the various dimensions of identity — who a student is and how they define themselves. We recognize that the content shared above is not exhaustive, and that resources on identity are continually evolving. If you would like to share feedback to help us improve this page, please contact hirebing@binghamton.edu