Calvin Mackie, Ph.D.

Image: Dr. Calvin Mackie
Dr. Calvin Mackie
Dr. Calvin Mackie is an award-winning mentor, a critically acclaimed author, an internationally renowned motivational speaker, and a successful entrepreneur. His message challenges the thinking of business people, government officials, educators and students and his content transcends issues of race, gender, ethnicity, religion, and political affiliation. Dr. Mackie is a compelling and inspirational speaker who brings his epic personal story, academic expertise, and incredible charisma to each of his award-winning presentations.

From the Fortune 500 company to the owner-managed enterprise, the foreign head-of-state to the oval office, and the ivy-league university to the urban elementary school; Dr. Mackie has transformed lives and shifted the perspectives of countless minds who find wisdom in his message. Whether he is discussing the relevance of math, science and technology to a 21st century 8th grader, the importance of leadership vision to a room full of engineers, or the need for diversity in the corporate board room, he captures the imagination of his audience and inspires them to achieve their full potential.

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