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An homage to the unique history of LGBTQ+ people building families of choice when families of birth reject them and a reference to the role the Q Center plays as the "center of gravity" for the Binghamton University LGBTQ+ communities and the start of life long friendships that feel like family. 

The Q Center provides an array of resources, educational opportunities and social justice initiatives designed to foster a campus environment that is inclusive and supportive of all sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions. A home away from home, the Center seeks to be a safe environment where gender and sexual diversity is affirmed and community is fostered. Center programming supports and empowers students, faculty and staff contributing to personal, scholarly and professional success.

We define our community broadly to include: people who identify, experience or express their sexual orientation or gender in ways that challenge normative assumptions; people who are in the process of exploring or questioning their sexual orientation or gender identity; people who grew up with parents or in families that challenge normative assumptions of sexual orientation and gender; and people who are or seek to become allies to our communities.

Our Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Professional Staff

Our Q Center Staff

Nick Martin
Nick Martin (he/him)

Nick Martin (he/him)
Q Center Associate Director

Email: martinn@binghamton.edu

Schedule a meeting: calendly.com/nickmartinqcenter

Areas of Expertise: Project Management, Campus Community Advocacy, Assessment & Strategic Planning, Bias Incident Response, Resource Referral

Scholarly and Social Justice Interests: International LGBTQ+ Advocacy, LGBTQ+ College Student Sense of Belonging and Success, 1st Generation College Student

Fun Fact: While living in the Bay Area of California, Nick went to exactly 100 live theatre shows (plays/musicals)!

Aiden Braun (he/him)

Aiden Braun (he/him)
Q Center Coordinator

Email: abraun@binghamton.edu

Schedule a meeting: Email Aiden

Areas of Expertise: Education, LGBTQ+ Lived Experience, Resource Referral

Scholarly and Social Justice Interests: LGBTQ+ College Student Sense of Belonging and Success, Advocacy for Incarcerated Trans People, Building Queer Community

Fun Fact: Aiden can play bassoon, which he studied in college, along with 10+ other instruments!


Thomas Holland
Q Center Operations Graduate Assistant

Email: thollan3@binghamton.edu

Schedule a meeting: Email Thomas

eddie stakelum
Eddie Stakelum (he/him)

Eddie Stakelum (he/him)
LGBTQ+ Living Community Graduate Assistant

Email: estakelum@binghamton.edu

Schedule a meeting: Email Eddie

Areas of Expertise: Bias Incident Response, Conflict Resolution, Resource Referral

Scholarly and Social Justice Interests: LGBTQ+ College Student Sense of Belonging and Success, LGBTQ+ Mental Health, LGBTQ+ in the Arts

Fun Fact: Eddie is a classically trained vocalist!

Our Student Staff

Student Managers

SOGIE Educators

Fall 2025 Interns

Nick Ginsberg
Nicole Pentecostes
Dalya Cordeiro (BSW)
Aidan Niebauer
**Additional positions to be posted**
NausicaƤ Pitarresi (HDEV)
Anvi Parkar
Natalie Reyes (BSW)
Mansha Rahman
Natalie Reyes
John Zaharakis
**Open position for Fall 2024**

Our Info

Center Location

The Center is located on the ground floor of Bartle Library: Library South Ground 549 (LS-G549) and is most easily accessed through the exterior doors of the Library on West Drive or by following the rainbow paw prints from the main stairwell in the Bartle Library Breezeway.

Center hours

During the academic year, the Center is open Monday - Friday, noon-7 p.m.

During breaks and summers, the Center is open from noon-3 p.m.

Contact Us!

Call Us: 607-777-6028

Email Us: lgbtq@binghamton.edu

Follow Us: @qcenterbing