Our Space

The Living Room

The Q Center is designed to make people feel at home. This is a shared space to hang out, meet up with friends, do homework and generally meet other people with similar lived experiences. The living room space is often used to host social and collaborative events.

Email lgbtq@binghamton.edu to reserve this space for your group!

living room

Gender Bender Clothing Closet

pic of GB Clothing

What is the Gender Bender Closet?

Located in the back of our space, the Gender Bender Closet is a collection of clothes, shoes, and accessories designed to dismantle the gender stigmatization around clothing. Feel free to come in during our hours and look around for something that feels like YOU! Everything is completely free!

It is open to all students and faculty on campus. See below on how to donate materials!

How to Donate Checklist

  • Clothes and accessories must be in usable condition (no extreme rips, stains, etc.)
  • Wash and Dry all clothing
  • Fold clothing in a bag/box
  • Drop off your bag/box directly at the Q Center (LS G549)! We are open 12pm-7pm on Monday-Friday

When do we take donations?

We take donations during the academic year, usually starting the second week of fall semester classes through finals week of spring semester classes. Donations are not accepted over the summer or during academic breaks due to lack of student staff during those times.

The Library

How does our library work?

The Q Center libary is located immediately inside the main entrance of the Center on the right. We operate as a community-based library with an honors system borrowing policy. If you see a book you like, feel free to take it off the shelf, read at your own convenience either inside or outside of the Center, and return when finished.

Interested in Donating Books?

In order to maintain our collection and have new and relevant offerings, we are always taking donations. Please email lgbtq@binghamton.edu if you have books, magazines, graphic novels, or mixed media that are looking for a new home. A staff member will respond to you by email within 5-7 business days with further details.

pic with books

The Multipurpose Room

study room

Our Multipurpose room is a conference room, a classroom, or an individual and/or group study room. It has a tea/coffee cart, games, paint supplies, coloring books, and low-sensory items to help you get into your studying groove. This space can be booked by departments, clubs, and organizations.

Email lgbtq@binghamton.edu to reserve this space for your group!