For students who identify, experience, or express their gender in ways that challenge society's normative assumptions.

We understand the many of the needs and concerns of transgender students and their families. Like many universities, our support for transgender students continues to evolve. We proudly offer many services on campus and support students in accessing off campus services as well. We are excited for the work of the new Task Force for Gender Accessibility and Inclusion, to begin this summer, to continue to identify best practices for trans inclusion on campus.

On Campus Resources

Gender Inclusive Housing

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  Photography:  Gender Inclusive Housing.

Binghamton recognizes that same-sex room assignments are not ideal or appropriate for all students. Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH) seeks to provide an environment that is welcoming to all gender identities and is not limited to the traditional gender binary (male and female). Students who sign up for these areas will be permitted to have roommates, flatmates and suite mates regardless of gender or gender identity. Gender inclusive housing is available in most living communities.

 Gender Inclusive Housing FAQ Fact Sheet 

Gender Neutral Restrooms

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Gender Neutral Restrooms were created to ensure a safe space on campus for students regardless of gender expression or gender identity. In order to ensure that all students have a place where they feel safe using the restroom, Binghamton University has provided at least one gender-neutral restroom in 18 facilities on campus.  Find facilities and locations here.

Chosen Name Change Policy

A chosen name can be an important part of a person’s identity, and the University recognizes that students or employees may want to use a name that is different from their legal name. To accommodate this preference, the University has established a policy that allows students and employees to indicate their chosen first name (given name) to the University community, even if they have not changed their legal name. The policy allows any student or employee to identify a chosen first name, in addition to the individual’s legal name, in Binghamton University information systems.

For full details on the policy, FAQs, and directions on how to change your name please visit Student Records.

Gender Affirming Classrooms

Many students spend the first day of class braced for various types of disrespect, sometimes unintended—for example, professors who mispronounce their names, call them by the wrong name entirely, or mistake them for another student. We know that trans and gender expansive students spend a lot of energy worrying about professors misgendering them or outing them by using a name which is not the name they use with classmates. So in addition to creating a process for students to add a Chosen Name to our systems, the Q Center supports faculty in learning how to create a classroom environment that feels truly affirming and inclusive of all genders. Here you will find a few reliable techniques, that we encourage our faculty to employ, including a gender affirming statement that faculty have the option of adding to their syllabus, to help establish a gender-affirming classroom. We encourage you to bring this resource to the attention of your faculty or reach out to the Q Center for support should you ever face a problem related to your gender or gender identity in class.

Gender Affirming Clothing Closet

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  Photography: Q Center's Gender Affirming Clothing Closet.

The Q Center offers a safe space to experiment or "shop" for looks that more closely match your identity.  Our only policy is: bring something take something! The Clothing Closet is open during normal hours, or can be accessed outside of our operation hours, by booking an appointment here 

Decker Student Health Services

We recognize that more students are coming to campus having already begun HRT. At the student’s request, Student Health Services will liaison with the medical provider ordering their hormone therapy, to follow a long-term medical plan. Students needing this support should consult with Decker Student Health Services early to maintain continuity of care. Contact them at 607-777-2221.


Transcend is a peer-led discussion group for transgender and gender expansive students to discuss topics and current events related to gender identity, support each other, be social and make friends. This group is hosted in the Q Center.

Binghamton and Surrounding Community Resources

WPATH Certified Health Services and Transition Care

Binghamton University is fortunate to be within one-hours drive of the Gender Wellness Center in Oneonta, NY. They offer services tailored to meet the needs of gender expansive patients. The caring and professional staff has advanced training in providing health, psychological, and surgical services to the transgender community. Providers follow the Standards of Care from the World Professional Association for Transgender Health.

Gender Wellness Center
Fox Care Center, Suite 103
5432 State Highway 7
Oneonta, NY 13820
Phone: (607) 431-5757 (voice)

LGBTQ Wellness and Transition Care

UHS Binghamton Primary Care has LGBTQ compassionate providers who offer a judgment free health care experience. Nurse Practitioner Scott Rosman and Physician Assistant Erica Hill are able to provide general primary care; transhealth, including self-referral HRT; mental health referrals; HIV treatment, PrEP & PEP. Most insurance plans accepted.

UHS Binghamton Primary Care 
33 Mitchell Avenue,
Binghamton, NY 13903
Phone: 607-762-3281