The VARCC is a co-location of services for survivors of sexual violence located on the third floor of Old Johnson Hall on Binghamton University’s main campus. VARCC houses advocacy, reporting, healing and empowerment services for survivors of sexual violence.  

If you have experienced sexual violence, sexual misconduct, dating violence, domestic violence or stalking, you are not alone. We are committed to supporting you.

We encourage you to seek support, and we offer options so that you can choose what feels right to you. As you complete this form to request an appointment, note that resources fall under the following categories:


A confidential resource is a service provider with whom information remains fully confidential between the student and the source. The provider will not report your situation to the university or anyone else without your consent except in cases of imminent harm. 


A private resource is a service provider who is trained to assist students, provide resources, and preserve student’s rights. It is important to note that private resources are obligated to report sexual assault, rape, relationship violence and stalking incidents to the Title IX Coordinator. 

If you do not want to schedule an appointment in this way, you can contact directly. 

If this is an emergency, contact:

  • University Police at 607-777-2222
  • University Counseling Services at 607-777-2772 (extension 2 after-hours)
  • Crime Victim Assistance Center Crisis Line at (607) 722-4256 / Text: (607) 725-8196
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Please list your available meeting times for the coming week. A VARCC representative will be in touch soon regarding your appointment request.

If you need accommodations or assistance, contact us at or 607-777-3010. Inform us of accommodation requests at your earliest convenience.