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Photo of Sozanne SolmazSolmaz Group receives a major NIGMS grant to study the cell cycle-specific recognition of the cell nucleus as cargo for dynein-dependent transport.

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Photo of Ming AnMing An Group receives a major NIGMS grant in support of their work in ‘Rational Design of pH-Low Insertion Peptides for Cargo Delivery’.

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Photo of Roland MillerRoland Miller Receives Recognition

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Photo of Stan WhittinghamStan Whittingham Elected to the National Academy of Engineers.

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Photo of Puja GoyalGoyal group receives a Scialog: Advanced Energy Storage team award from Research Corporation for Science Advancement.

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Photo of Wei QiangQiang Group receives a major NIGMS grant to study the molecular basis of neuronal cell membrane disruption induced by early-stage aggregation of beta-amyloid peptides!

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Photo of Matt VetticattVetticatt Group receives a major NIH grant to study organic reaction mechanisms!

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Photo of Alpha BahAlpha Bah selected as an ASC Scholar!

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About Us

We are a medium-size chemistry department with a great atmosphere of cooperation. Our size facilitates close interaction among faculty and between research groups and creates a setting that's appealing to many students and in which they can thrive professionally.

Our undergraduate program offers BA and BS degrees with a BS/American Chemical Society certification option and with emphases in biophysical and materials chemistry. Undergraduate participation in research is actively encouraged. We also participate in a five-year BS/MS program in materials chemistry and we jointly sponsor the biochemistry degree program with the Department of Biological Sciences.

We offer both MSc and PhD research programs as well as MA and MAT degrees. In addition to the traditional areas of analytical, inorganic, organic and physical chemistry, we have faculty in a number of fertile cross-disciplinary areas, such as bioanalytical, bioinorganic, bioorganic and biophysical chemistry; electrochemistry; environmental chemistry and materials chemistry.

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Vetticatt Group

A recent publication in J. Am. Chem. Soc. from the Vetticatt/Hirschi groups at Binghamton University in collaboration with the Lambert group at Cornell University reports on a novel mode of asymmetric induction in chiral Brønsted acid catalysis. Computational exploration of the origin of enantioselectivity reveals a unique point-chirality-induced helical chirality of the catalyst dictates the enantioselectivity of an inverse electron demand Diels Alder reaction.

Citation: Chirag D.; Gheewala, C.D.; Hirschi, J.S.; Lee, W-H.; Paley, D.W.; Vetticatt, M.J. and Lambert, T.H. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2018, 140(10), 3523-3527

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Last Updated: 5/22/18