Course Observations

The Course Observation service is a free service through the Center for Learning and Teaching that provides you with the opportunity to obtain feedback on your teaching in order to inform your future planning, lessons, activities and pedagogical approaches. This service from the Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT) has three "flavors" which are listed below.

Steve was featured in the CLT's inaugural episode of Teaching Takes Podcast:

Teaching Take Podcast Episode 1 Course Observations

Teaching Take Podcast Episode 2 Course Observations


If you'd like an Observer to just work with you one-on-one on your observation, then this choice is for you. Only you and your observer will be privy to the review. After scheduling your course observation, you will receive a written report with feedback, and you also have the option of meeting with your observer to review the report.

Partial Anonymity

If you'd like to work with both an Observer and an Instructional Designer from Center for Learning and Teaching on your observation, then this is your choice. You and your observer will work together on scheduling your observation and a written report with feedback will be available after the observation. At this point, you may also want to schedule a consultation with one of the CLT's Instructional Designer to discuss ideas, solutions to any challenges you may have, etc.

Departmental Share

This choice involves your course observer, the CLT and your Department. As in the previous choices, you will schedule an observation with your Observer and following the observation written feedback will be provided. You will also have the opportunity to consult with one of the Instructional Designers in the CLT. Afterwards, you can also let your Department know about the observation as well as any steps you've taken to strengthen your teaching.

If you have any questions on this service, or would like to schedule a course observation, please contact us.

Steve LismanFeedback on Teaching: Sharpening your Skills through Course Observation

by Steve Lisman, Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus
Appeared in "Connections: UUP Newsletter"
Binghamton University Chapter
Winter 2016, revised 2018