Our program

Our PhD program in Community Research and Action will prepare you for rewarding academic or policy-related careers as leaders capable of addressing some of the most critical social justice issues facing communities.

What you can expect

The curriculum for this unique PhD program draws on various disciplines, including anthropology, criminology, geography, sociology and psychology, training students to conduct high-quality, impactful research.

Affordable tuition, close relationships between faculty and students, outstanding academics and opportunities to take research out of the classroom and into the community provide students an excellent value for their educational investment.

We help students:

  • Explore the dynamic interplay among individuals, the organizations serving them, and the communities (including schools and college campuses) in which they are embedded.
  • Integrate their commitment to social justice, health and well-being, human rights, public service, social welfare and community transformation into their scholarship.
  • Build upon their previous experience in such fields as education, counseling, human services, public health, public administration, social work and Higher Education and Student Affairs to enrich their research.

Degrees offered

PhD in Community Research and Action