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Luiza F. Moreira

Chair; Professor; TRIP Courtesy Title

Comparative Literature; Translation Research and Instruction Program (TRIP)


Luiza Franco Moreira, professor of Comparative Literature and chair of the department, joined the faculty of comparative literature at Binghamton as Associate Professor in 2001; she had previously held the position of Assistant Professor of Portuguese and Brazilian literature at U.C. Berkeley (1992-1995) and Princeton (1995-2001). Moreira's scholarship is concerned with literary history, in particular with problems of contextualization. From a substantive point of view, she focuses mostly on Brazilian Modernism (or Modernismo), an influential and innovative literary and artistic movement that developed from the 1920s through the mid-twentieth century. Moreira's first book, Meninos, poetas e heróis (Children, Poets and Heroes) discusses the poetry, political prose, and journalism of one of the writers of the period, Cassiano Ricardo (1895-1974). She subsequently edited an anthology of his poetry. Moreira's recent scholarship focuses on intellectual dissent during the Vargas dictatorship. Here, as in the earlier books, she is concerned with drawing from the perspectives of literary scholars and historians in order to fashion an approach that will bring to light the literary and political complexity of the texts under discussion. Moreira is also a poet and literary translator.


  • PhD, MA, Cornell University
  • MA, BA, University of São Paulo

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Curriculum Vitae