Comparative Literature Faculty

Comparative Literature Faculty

headshot of Jeroen Gerrits

Jeroen Gerrits

Associate Professor; Graduate Director; TRIP Courtesy Title

Comparative Literature; Translation Research and Instruction Program (TRIP)

Teaching Interests

  • Recently taught courses and seminars include: Gilles Deleuze; Stanley Cavell; Film Adaptation; World Cinema; Surrealism; Time in Lit & Film; Philosophy of New Media
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headshot of Michael Kelly

Michael Kelly


Judaic Studies

Research Interests

  • The social and religious history of the Mediterranean in Late Antiquity and Early Middle Ages
  • "Fall" of the Roman Empire
  • The relationship between history, law and literature
  • Philosophy of history / Historical Theory
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headshot of Giovanna Montenegro

Giovanna Montenegro

Associate Professor of Comparative Literature and Romance Languages; Director of LACAS

Comparative Literature; Latin American and Caribbean Area Studies Program

Research Interests

  • Colonial Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Environment
  • Material and Visual Culture
  • Cartography
  • Indigenous and Maroon Studies
  • Public Humanities
  • Digital Humanities

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headshot of Neil Christian Pages

Neil Christian Pages

Associate Professor

German and Russian Studies

Research Interests

  • Germanophone and Scandinavian Languages and Literatures
  • European Cultural History, Commemorative Practices
  • Translation
  • Comparative Modernisms
  • Text and Image, the Habsburg Empire
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headshot of Alexander Sorenson

Alexander Sorenson


German and Russian Studies; Comparative Literature

Research Interests

  • German literature and thought ca. 1800-1917
  • Literary, philosophical, and artistic accounts of the relation between human communities and the natural world (ecocriticism, nature writing, eco-phenomenology, posthumanism, etc.)
  • Modern European intellectual and cultural history
  • Convergences between the natural and human sciences

Teaching Interests

  • German language and literature
  • European literature, culture and thought
  • Cultural, literary and critical theory
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headshot of Kaitlyn Sorenson

Kaitlyn Sorenson

Assistant Professor

Comparative Literature

Research Interests

  • Central and Eastern European literature and social thought
  • Critical Theory
  • Yugoslav neo-avant-garde movements
  • Late Socialism
  • The Non-Aligned Movement
  • Canonicity in Continental Philosophy
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