Master of Science in Information Systems

The Master of Science in Information Systems program is intended for students who have an interest in computer systems strictly from the user/application perspective and whose career paths are focused on computer hardware and software systems operations and maintenance.

There is increasing demand for professionals skilled in data mining, data analysis, and in creating and configuring systems to process vast quantities of information. The Information Systems program emphasizes this.

This program focuses on developing skills to:

  • Configure and integrate various IS components such as networking and software systems, databases, data analytics and web-based systems and software packages.
  • Develop programming and scripting skills, including software testing skills - starting from basic programming principles to the use of packages and utilities for larger applications.

This differs from computer science (CS) programs, which tend to emphasize software and hardware theoretical foundations, design and formal analysis techniques for assessment of performance, cost, and functional tradeoffs.

The MSIS program has an applied data science track, which provides an option to students who are interested in a data science/analytics career.

Applicants to this program need to complete an undergraduate education with good standing by the time of enrollment into this program and have adequate programming skills (programming experience in one programming language). Applicants who do not have adequate prerequisites in programming for the proposed program may be admitted on the condition of completing certain preparatory courses before they start the program. View the Official University Requirements

For students to graduate from this program, they must complete 31 credits (9 credits from three required courses, 21 credits from seven elective courses, and a 1-credit Termination Project), and maintain a “B” average throughout their academic work.

Note: Elective courses may be taken from other departments at Watson College or from other schools within the University, subject to approval by the director of the MSIS program.

It is recommended that students complete the three core courses in the first two semesters:

  • INFO 501 – Information Systems I
  • INFO 502 – Information Systems II
  • INFO 532 – Database Systems

Electives may be chosen from this list.

  • INFO 505 Software Project Management
  • INFO 531 Enterprise Network Security
  • INFO 533 Web Based Information Retrieval and Search
  • INFO 535 Applied Data Mining 
  • INFO 536 Applied Machine Learning
  • INFO 537 Tools for Data Science
  • INFO 541 Mobile Applications for Social Networks
  • INFO 542 OO Design in Java + Design Patterns
  • INFO 544 Web-based Programming
  • INFO 553 Blockchain and Beyond
  • INFO 554 Data Analytics for Security
  • INFO 558 Web and Database Security
  • INFO 559 Information Systems Security
  • CS 515 Social Media Data Science Pipeline
  • CS 527X Mobile Systems Security 
  • CS 558 Introduction to Computer Security
  • CS 580P Introduction to Natural Language Processing

MSIS application requirements for matriculated status

Completion of a baccalaureate degree with good standing by the time of enrollment into this program and have adequate programming skills (experience in one programming language).

Non-Matriculated Status

Application for admission as a non-matriculated student may also be made to the Graduate Admissions Office. Non-matriculated students may enroll in courses without completing the formal application process described above, but they are encouraged to apply for matriculation after one semester of study.