Students begin taking CS courses in their first semester and can specialize in:

  • software systems
  • networking
  • operating systems
  • web-based systems
  • graphics
  • robotics
  • microprocessor-based design
  • game design

Our flexibility in choosing courses also allows students to minor in such areas as the arts, business, math, music, languages or the sciences.

Our accredited program offers degrees at the bachelor's, master's and PhD levels and attracts top researchers in:

  • Computer Architecture (including parallel processing and VLSI systems design)
  • Computer Networks (with a focus on fast networking infrastructures, wireless networking and distributed processing)
  • Grid Computing
  • Image Processing
  • Modern Software Design (especially software specification and verification, object-oriented design)
  • Database and Information Systems (with an emphasis on Web-based information retrieval, heterogeneous query processing, image and multimedia databases